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In Japan, it is currently Silver Week - a weekend followed by three consecutive public holidays (totally ganked this from wikipedia :p).  Unfortunately, my uni has decided since we are *cough* hard diligent *cough* students, we will not be able to take those days off.  But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sales that are on at the moment \o/  


See my shiny new shoesCollapse )

EDIT: Bloody LJ, why can't I seem to stick everything under the one cut, and instead LJ makes me sound like some shoe shopper maniac.  Gah!  FIXED!  MWAH!

凱歌!!! [victory song]

Ok, I'm still petulent as heck that I couldn't attend the Dir en grey concerts that are on tonight and tomorrow.  I have consoled myself by getting my maggot hands on some merch - an iPod cover, a T-shirt and hand towel.  Totally extravagent and indulgent when I really shouldn't be spending money until my scholarship kicks in later this month, nevertheless, so totally worth it in soothing my unreasonable jealousy.   ...it was very tempting to jump some poor tiny fan and run off with his/her ticket.  Oh well, there is always next time, in January, in three months time *sobs* 

Had my first day of orientation today; and I cannot believe how many exchange students there are - 83!!!  This is a big change from Tsuda Uni where there were only four others starting along with me.  Then again, Rikkyo Uni has 20,000 students and is roughly on the same par as ANU, so I really shouldn't be surprised.  But still, 83 new exchange students - I met Candanians, Americans, Brits, French, Germans and Belgiums!  It looks like I'm the only Aussie. 

Heh, and I feel ever so smug (and a bit terrified and unworthy) that there are only five or so other int'l students at Rikkyo who have the same scholarship as I do.  And I'm slowly slowy trying to get my field changed from social economics to literature; hopefully all will go well *fingers crossed*

Will get a mobile soon, so will email you peeps my address, number, etc. later this week.  And I will try to get photos of Rikkyo up too, and maybe, dum dum da-dum, CAKE!

agitated screams of a fan

Dir en grey is touring Tokyo RIGHT NOW!  How did I not know this?!  But with their next lives being this Monday and Tuesday there is no way I can get tickets without having to pay an OBSCENE amount of money.  And I don't have that sort of cash on me at the moment,  but they won't be back till January 1st [I'm so going, I don't care, but I'm gonna be there]. 

I'm going to go and sulk in a corner now, but first:  CURSE YOU DIR EN GREY!!!!!!!!! 

...I'm sort of tempted to just go to the livehouse on Monday after uni though and buy some merch.  They have Dir en grey ipod covers and boxershorts o_O.  I think this trumps the shot glasses they brought out last year.    Man, they have some wickedly weird merch.

Oh, and I arrived ok in Tokyo this morning after a really dodgy flight - we were delayed by an hour in Sydney so that the techs could replace a broken radio (!?!?!?!) needed for when we fly over Guam and they made us sit in the plane without any power and it was hot >_<  And then my TV didn't work throughout the flight so I couldn't watch any movies, and they were showing Terminator 4, Wolverine, the Hangover, 17 Again and Angels and Demons.  All which I wanted to see.  Stupid QANTAS.

It is weird being back in Japan.  I didn't think I would be returning until I had been working for a few years.  Though admittedly that would imply I was looking for a job and we all know how that worked out :p  It's so nolstalgic posting in this jounal again!  By the way, went to scout Rikkyo Uni out and it is MASSIVE.  Like ANU massive but more squished together since Tokyo doesn't have the kind of space Australia does.  Will take photos during the week and show you guys later.  Christian unis in Japan are too purty to be places of academic learning!

AND AND AND, while Dir en grey is causing me pain and QANTAS is just a pain, there was one thing that I could rely on today: new Supernatural!  \o/  Life is good again.
Sometimes, my ignorance is astoundingly overwhelming.

I was heading back to the dorms/uni after work, dinner in hand, when I encoutered this MASS EXODUS.  Seriously, there must have been around 300-500 girls.  My first thought was that my Uni must have had something on

I get to the front of the Uni, and while waiting for the traffic light to change, I notice that the main gate guards are DIRECTING the crowds.  I start to get a bit nervous, because I had noticed a couple of girls from my dorm in the mass exodus, and there were others who were carrying overnight bags.  ...we're not evacuating or anything are we? 

Then as I was entering the Uni, I was stopped and asked for ID.  First time ever [as long as you don't count when I missed curfew].  This was kinda scary, since I was thinking, oh no, something has happened!  The guards are in motion, official looking people are about, and overnight bags are involved!  Highly suspicious I tell you!

And then as luck would have it, I saw two of my [Korean] friends, and here is where I demonstrate my "wonderful" command of Japanese homonyms.

Me: What's happening?
friends: We're going to a koen [park, I thought]
Me: Why?  Is something wrong?
friends:  Huh, no our friends said it would be interesting.  So we are gonna go to their Uni.
Me: [ah! koen in this case is lecture!] That's pretty late for a lecture.  Must be pretty interesting if all these people are going.
friends: Huh, no those people just finished their uni entrance exams /points to big sign that I had managed to completely miss/
Me: /blink blink/ Oops.
friends: SIlly person.
Me: Heh, I thought something dangerous had happened.  So what's the lecture on?
friends: Korean dance!  And our friends are gonna be in it!
Me: Huh?  
friends:  /who are well-tuned to my horrible vocab and notice my complete lack of comprehension here/ koen, as in koen! /make funny bouncy movements/
Me: [think, pause, think, groan] A PLAY!
friends: She gets it!
Me:  Stupid Japanese language.
friends:  We still love you.

playing catch-up [part 4: snow bound]

Since I will be returning to Australia in early February, I decided I needed to see as much as Japan as I could in those 10 days my dorm/uni was closed for the winter break.  

So after warm sunny Okinawa, I did a complete 180 and headed north for cold snowy Hokkaido.

And never again, despite the cheap fares and the really nice scenary I saw, am I going to travel the breadth of Japan by slow trains and night buses.       

Interestingly, both Minki and I thought our little vacation was very fun and exciting.  But after we told our friends what we did, they came back with one word - romantic.  Huh?


Went to Okinawa!  

Perfect weather of 20 degrees.

Almost had a heart attack or two [totally Tomoe's fault].

Saw lots of sharks and Americans.

Over-indulged on pineapple.

And finally bought myself a shiisa 

This is what I do to kill time before a Dir en grey concert on a school day.

This is what I do to kill time before a Dir en grey concert on a weekend.
I am ridicuously proud of this photo.  It was taken at the park/gym near my university.  And I find it incredibly amusing that the wading pool is full of leaves as oppose to water.